Several contractors providing services for the government are deregistered companies.

In the January to July 2020 COVID-19 pay-outs list, contractors account for 36 percent of payments made.

However, it was found that most of the contractors have either had their businesses deregistered or just re-registered their business prior to the COVID-19 support scheme.

A company is often deregistered for a range of reasons, the main ones are getting struck off by the registrar of companies for failing to provide annual returns, it is closed voluntarily or is under liquidation.

The contractors listed are in a range of business activities, but the majority are in the construction sector.

The COVID-19 payouts totals SBD$46,880,345 – this has been paid out by the government.

In total, contractors received more than SBD$17 million dollars while churches received more than SBD$5 million dollars. More than SBD$4 million dollars was listed under the Commissioner of Police while the National Disaster Committee (NDC) received more than SBD$6 million dollars.

Six percent of the total pay-out was listed under quarantine. This is a sum of more than SBD$2 million dollars.

Shipping sector was allocated more than SBD$5 million dollars. 16 shipping companies were listed under this pay-out.

The pay-out list includes advances made by the government.