The Deputy Premier of Guadalcanal Province says RIPEL Chairman, Patrick Wong has no right to close the Lungga road because the land is owned by the Guadalcanal people.

Rolland Seleso's statement came after a threat by Wong last week to close the Lunggaroad in light of the Government's refusal to settle a twenty-four million dollar pay-out agreement between RIPEL and the Government.

But Seleso says Wong is a foreigner and does not have any right to close the Lungga Highway road.

He says as the legitimate voice of the Guadalcanal people, the province is deeply concerned with Wong's threat and are demanding that he stop his baseless media campaign and get out of the country.

Mr Seleso warns that a Court action is imminent if Wong fails to pay up outstanding property rates to Guadalcanal Province.

He says RIPEL owes the Province more than seven million dollars in property rates dating back to 2006.

Meanwhile, in a recent newspaper article, Wong has also denied making any threat on the Lungga road.