The Democratic candidate in the running for the American presidential elections, Barack Obama, won Guam's nomination in the weekend.

As reported by Reuters, 'Obama beat rival Hillary Clinton by just seven votes in Guam's nominating contest after record numbers of residents voted in the tiny U.S. territory's primary, officials said on Sunday'.

Guam, a U.S territory in the region, was in the spotlight in the past weeks reminding the world just how close the race for the U.S elections is. Guam residents do not vote in the main elections however, the island nation will send eight delegates with half a vote each to the Democratic convention in August, giving it a total of four votes.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are racing to win representative of the Democrats to run against Republican candidate, John McCain, in the United States presidential election to be held in November this year.

While neither candidate actually came to Guam, they campaigned and sent representatives to the island.
Guam has been a U.S territory since 1898.