The National Examination Selection Unit (NESU) has revealed that grade six results will not be released until early January 2009.

This was not well-received by anxious parents who feel that NESU could have done a better job.

Most state that in previous years, grade six results were normally released by end of November.

They say that timing is important in that it gives parents enough time to prepare their children to move on and to find money for their school fees.

Grieved parents have called on responsible authorities to do something about the delay this year.

National Express understands that reason to delay, as provided by NESU, was the fact that some teachers had cheated by providing answers to exam papers before students actually sat their exams.

But parents say this is not new and is no secret that cheating on exams by teachers and their students, both in primary and secondary exams, has always been the case year after year.

They added that the Ministry just has to find a way to solve this on-going cheat practice instead of adding delaying tactics, adding that the Ministry should have a system to monitor all those who handle exam papers from the Ministry level down to the schools.

Attempts by the National Express to get the Ministry to comment further on the issue was not successful.

Source: National Express