Employers of Western Australian Defence Reservists have travelled to the Solomon Islands to work alongside their part time Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel on deployment to Operation Anode.

Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, Senator David Feeney, said the employers would visit soldiers from the Perth-based 13th Brigade who are currently on a four-month deployment to the Solomon Islands.

"By visiting their employees in an ADF operation, employers will see the skills gained from being in the ADF and the contribution they make to the stability, peace and security of the Solomon Islands," Senator Feeney said.

The employers come from a range of government, commercial and local business organisations, including Western Australia Police, Fire and Emergency Service Authority of Western Australia, Master Builders Association, Commonwealth Bank and Western Power.

While in Honiara, the employers will have an opportunity to attend briefings on Operations ANODE and see demonstrations of the work their employees are doing.

They will also experience some routine aspects of military life, such as eating from ration packs and visiting the firing range.

Senator Feeney said the visit was an opportunity for employers to see their employees using their military skills in an ADF operation.

"By visiting their staff, employers will gain an insight into the benefits that ADF service can bring to the workplace, such as teamwork, leadership and resilience. These are skills that our Defence personnel are using everyday, in the service of their nation," Senator Feeney said.

Operation ANODE is the Australian Defence Force's contribution to the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands.