Applications for the government’s US$37.5 million stimulus package has been extended for those who live in the rural areas.

This was revealed by the Sogavare-led government’s Chief of Staff Robson Djokovic during a recent talk back show hosted by the national broadcaster, the SIBC.

Djokovic says that while support for the country's exporters of copra, cocoa and kava is complete it was necessary to extend applications for those in the rural areas since awareness programmes are still ongoing.

"This is important for this economic stimulus package roll out that all of our people, particularly the rural sector which this economic stimulus package is targeting, are given the benefit of firsthand information from the national government," Robson Djokovic said.

The extension will be for around two weeks.

Djokovic also said that it is important for people to understand that the stimulus package is for existing and ongoing businesses and initiatives, and not new business ventures or start ups.

In a recent press statement, the government has also warned those in the rural areas of dubious individuals posing as agents.

“If you happen to come across any person selling stimulus package application forms, please report their activity to the nearest police post.

“They are con artists who will take advantage of vulnerable people during emergency situation,” a statement from the stimulus package committee said.

The statement clarifies that there is no application form for the funding, only a criteria guideline note has been distributed earlier providing instructions for applicants.

“Applicants are expected to write up a simple project proposal at their own pace and cost.

“Applicants who are illiterate should seek help from their community leaders or a literate person to draft their application,” the statement said.

Source: With RNZ and GCU