The Games Organizing Committee (GOC) has extended the deadline for Community Group Registration from 2nd June to the 23rd following the successful completion of the GOC Workforce Services Roadshow program and the widespread interest received from the public.

The deadline for Community Group Registrations has been extended to 23rd June, 2023.

GOC Workforce Supervisor, Dorcas Taupongi confirmed that since the opening of registrations, a total of 87 community groups have thus far completed their registrations by May’s end.

“As of today (31st May, 2023), we have received 87 Community Group submissions. All 87 groups have completed their registrations, meeting all necessary requirements stipulated in the applications given out.”

Dorcas said that with the extension of the registration deadline, her team is expecting more groups to register within the coming weeks.

She also added that throughout the three week ‘Roadshow’ awareness program they had conducted throughout Honiara, they have shared more than 1,000 application forms to interested groups.

“We are still receiving huge interest for Community Group registrations day in, day out,” Dorcas said.

GOC meanwhile also reminded interested applicants and the public that registrations are free, groups must be registered with Company Haus and must have an existing bank account as the key requirements for registration. 


Source: Press Release, Games Organizing Committee