A dead body was found yesterday afternoon, by members of the public, at the Lungga River.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday morning, the Inspector of Criminal Investigation, Mr. Jack Balaka said that the body was of a young girl, likely to be in her mid 20s.

Mr. Balaka stated that the body was found at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon by members of the public living in the areas of Lungga and Burns Creek.

He said that based on preliminary reports the young girl is believed to be from the Malaita Province.

"Investigations have already started yesterday afternoon after the body was found," Mr. Balaka stated. "There are indications of scratches and bruises found on the young woman's face, so the young girl may have died under suspicious circumstances."

Mr. Balaka confirmed that the body was still in the morgue at the National Referral Hospital awaiting post mortem.

He said that the police want nearby communities to assist, particularly those living in Burns Creek, Sun Valley and Lungga.