The Sol2023 Pacific Games enters its eighth day today, Tuesday, November 28, and the enthusiasm among athletes and spectators alike shows no signs of waning.

As multiple sports unfolds across various venues, promising a day filled with nail-biting competitions, unexpected twists, and the pursuit of coveted medals.

Here is whats in store for Day 8;

Athletics Overcomes Weather Hurdles and Races Ahead at National Stadium

The National Stadium in Honiara will witness the continuation of athletics, overcoming the hurdles thrown by unpredictable weather on Day 7.

The events scheduled for day 8 include the thrilling conclusion of the women’s heptathlon and men’s decathlon, as well as high-stakes races such as the women’s 100m, men’s 100m, and the men’s 100m sprint ambulant.

The track also features intense competitions in the men and women’s 100m wheelchair races, along with the women’s and men’s 400m.

Meanwhile, the field events showcase the men’s pole vault and women’s hammer throw. Sports enthusiasts eager to witness this athletic spectacle need a Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass for entry.

Boxing Returns to the Ring with Explosive Matches

Athletes will re-enter the boxing ring from 1 pm onwards. Like Day 7, the boxing arena at Friendship Hall will witness intense bouts in various weight divisions, including men’s fly, feather, light, light middle, cruiser, and super heavyweight.

The highlight for the evening is the women's light welterweight division clash between Solomon Islands’ Veronica Ruvah Megabule and Tahiti’s Flore Hani at 6 pm. Access to these adrenaline-pumping matches requires a Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass.

Netball Fever Continues at Friendship Hall

The netball arena at Friendship Hall buzzes with excitement as teams clash on the court throughout the day. Starting with the Cook Islands facing Niue at 8:30 am, the matches continue until 6 pm, offering netball enthusiasts a full day of action. A Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass is the golden ticket for entry.

Taekwondo Takes Center Stage at Maranatha Hall

Day 8 marks the commencement of Taekwondo at Maranatha Hall.

The day sees fierce battles in women’s weight classes, promising riveting displays of skill and strategy starting from 8 am. While men’s weight classes commence the following day, medals are already on the line, adding an extra layer of intensity to the women’s individual and team fights. Tickets are available for $30.

DC Park Showcases Touch Rugby, Va’a, Kayak, and Sailing

DC Park emerges as a hub of activity with touch rugby for Women’s and men’s matches kick off at 8:30 am, promising fast-flowing action and intense competition for the coveted medals.

Meanwhile, the water events at DC Park feature va’a racing in outrigger canoes, a fan favorite, and the continued allure of kayak races, which made their Pacific Games debut the previous day.

Entry to these events at DC park is free.

Football Fever Grips Lawson Tama and SIFF Academy

Football enthusiasts are treated to the all-important men’s semi-finals at Lawson Tama. New Caledonia faces off against Vanuatu at 12 pm, followed by the clash between Fiji and Solomon Islands at 3 pm.

The outcomes of these matches hold the key to a potential gold medal match spot for the hosts. In the women’s competition, Tahiti battles Vanuatu at 4 pm, with Solomon Islands taking on Tonga at 7 pm in the playoff matches at SIFF Academy. Entry to either venue is priced at $30.

Tennis Action Unfolds at the National Tennis Centre

Tennis aficionados witness more gripping action across singles and doubles events at the National Tennis Centre. The matches begin at 9 am, and entry requires a Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass.

With an overwhelming array of events unfolding on day 8, spectators face the delightful challenge of choosing where to start.

Whether it's the thundering sprints on the track, the calculated moves in the boxing ring, the strategic plays on the netball court, or the paddling prowess in the water, every venue promises a spectacle that leaves no room for disappointment.

The Sol2023 Pacific Games is indeed living up to its promise of delivering unparalleled excitement and fierce competition.


Source: Pacific Games News Service