A dawn service was today held at the Central Police Station in Honiara marking the Gallipoli campaign by the allied forces of Australia and New Zealand.

The ANZAC forces landed near Ari Burnu in Turkey at dawn on April 25, 1915. While the ANZAC forces fought bravely, fierce counter-attacks by Turkish forces resulted in a significant loss of lives, and prevented the Allied troops from making much progress. The landing site is now known as Anzac Cove.

Australians and New Zealand citizens in Honiara, Solomon Islands, gathered together to commemorate those soldiers who lost their lives in the annual service of remembrance.
Present at the memorial dawn service was the Australian High Commissioner, Peter Hooton and Second Secretary of the New Zealand High Commission, Mr Dennis Porteous.

Also in attendance were the Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena and Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua.

The huge contribution by Australians in the campaign is commemorated at dawn services around Australia and by Australians abroad.