East Honiara Member of Parliament, Charles Dausabea, has lodged a protest to the Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Jahir Khan, following surveillance on him by the police.

Mr. Dausabea said that to be pursued by police is a very serious matter, alleging RAMSI police to be behind the surveillance on him.

He informed local reporters in a press conference that "police were following me like a criminal".

The press conference heard that a female officer from the Participating Police Force and a local police officer tailed him as he was driving to the PM's Office Monday morning.

Mr. Dausabea said he was later informed that police were monitoring him following reports that he was contemplating a riot amidst the current political impasse in the country.

"I told them straight that they have no solid evidence to justify their allegations," the East Honiara MP stated in denying the threat.

He expressed his disappointment and anger in being treated as a criminal, stating that "if they have any problems with me, they should consult me and make an appointment to see me."

Mr. Dausabea said that as a Member of Parliament, he was really disappointed with the police action.

He said that a complaint has been lodged in protest to the incident.

Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Jahir Khan, has confirmed receiving the complaint, adding that he has instructed the police intelligence unit to withdraw surveillance on Mr. Dausabea.