The presence of Vincent Aviation's Dash8 will help contribute towards improvement in the tourism industry of Solomon Islands.

Chairman of the Solomon Islands Tourism Industries Association (SITIA), Wilson Maelaua, told the media that the Dash8 is the type of aircraft needed by tourism operators in the country.

The board wants to go further in improving the country's tourism sector, he said, adding that the association will work closely with the government in efforts to move the industry to new heights.

"We want to go regionally, which will help the economy of Solomon Islands."

With the new aircraft, Mr. Maelaua said that the tourism industry will work together with the Solomon Airlines and the New Zealand Civil Aviation.

Mr. Maelaua also highlighted that the government must take the leadership role, and
"... government means the Ministry of Tourism and all other ministries which contribute to the issues and different components of this industry".

He said that with the industry association now re-established, "we will work closely with [the government]".

"If we don't work together, you will find that this development of the industry will be all over the place. So everybody must start to ask questions, start to have an interest, but somebody must take the lead, and I believe the government has the leading role."