Bringing on something new for the people of Malaita was the sight of the new Dash 8 aircraft currently in the country to complement domestic flights.

An excited young mother out of the crowd, Lynette Lino, said the moment is very special for the lucky few in Malaita Province who have had the chance to sight the sophisticated aircraft.

"I am here with my four children and we are all so excited to having the chance to see something new [today]," Ms. Lino told Solomon Times.

Most in the crowd were attending a reconciliation ceremony close by the airport when they heard the aircraft landing.

"Within two minutes, the airport was packed with everyone at the reconciliation gathering," Ms. Lino said.

The huge gathering at the airport echoed similar sentiments of welcoming the new service of a comfortable looking aircraft in the country.

Cabin crews of Vincent Aviation threw candies to delighted children who scrambled for their share.

Sharing the joys of the moment, cabin crews state that being able to meet with the people of Malaita is an exciting time for them.