The Minister of Environment, Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo, calls on the Distance Fishing Nations (DFNs) to use sustainable fishing methods when fishing in the high seas.

He made the call following a tour on board the Greenpeace's largest campaign ship, Esparanza at the point Cruz main wharf. He was shown equipment left behind by fishing vessels from distance fishing nations, which the Esparanza crew found in the high seas on their way to the Solomon Islands. The equipment was found in the high seas north of Nauru, and indicates unsustainable practice by these DFNs.

The Minister assured those that were present at a small welcome ceremony that he will take photos of the instrument with him to Palau in the leaders' forum. He said he will use the photos as evidence of unsustainable fishing practices by distance fishing nations. He said he will also highlight the importance for distance fishing nations to fish sustainably.