A tropical low depression in South Rennell-Bellona Province is slowly developing and expected to move in a southerly direction.

An officer from the Meteorological Services, Derek Runi, confirmed to Solomon Times that the depression could lead to a cyclone in the area.

He said a tropical disturbance was formed 5am at 200 nautical miles of South of Rennell-Bellona Province.

"This was a new development and a warning has been sent to the Rennell-Bellona Province, and also Makira, Temotu and south Guadalcanal provinces," he said.

He said a second advisory warning issued last night advises people from those provinces to be alert and take necessary precautions as cyclone threats loom.

He adds that winds will increase from 20 to 33 knots.

Mr. Runi said that the current heavy rain experienced throughout the country will continue for the next three to four days.

"People living on low ground should seek higher and cut down big trees in their areas to avoid serious damage to properties and people's lives."

He stressed on the need for everyone to remain alert at all times during this bad weather pattern.