While there are higher demands for the service of "Our Telekom", members of the public are also complaining over the inefficient service of "Our Telekom" to meet the demand.

Many mobile phone users have raised concerns over the amount of money wasted over purchased breeze refill cards that were not working.

Speaking with Solomon Times, a customer stated that her purchased refill card was not working after many attempts to top up her phone.

Upon calling Our Telekom, she was informed that her purchased breeze card had already been used up.

"It's either their machines are broken or they are selling us used cards and I do not want to pay the price of their inefficiency. I was refused a refund although it was not my fault," said an Our Telekom customer.

On another occasion, a customer purchased a SIM card which had already been purchased by someone else. The issue was realised after the SIM card kept playing up. Only upon reporting the issue, did "Our Telekom" officers realise their mistake.

The anonymous customer urges the authorities responsible to take precautions on the sales to avoid disappointed customers.