Police Commissioner (Ag), Mostyn Mangau says the curfew in Honiara city is not a mock exercise.

Speaking to local media, Mangau says the curfew order is passed and gazzetted as a law.

He said penalties imposed by the order are quite heavy so people are being reminded  to abide by the curfew and not venture out. 

He said it is important that people understand the regulations issued by government under the State of Emergency so as not to get them into trouble.

Mangau said $10,000 fine will be imposed to anyone breaching the law or five years imprisonment or both.

He said the curfew, or lockdown is part of government’s state of emergency plans.

“This is to assist Honiara residents in implementing their preparedness plans”, Mangau said.

He said only the Commissioner of Police can issue special passes to other workers not under the health sector. This sector includes the media.

“I understand there are other private security firms but they have to adjust their roster to fit into the curfew timeslot”, Mangau said.

Residents in Honiara are encouraged to plan their weekend activities ahead of the curfew.

Solomon Islands like rest of the world will be commemorating Good Friday this weekend.

Friday and Monday are gazetted public holidays in Solomon Islands.