Commonwealth Telecommunication Organisation (CTO) Chief Executive Officer explains what the CTO can do worldwide.

At a press conference following the official opening of the CTO workshop at Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel yesterday, Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah said that CTO deals with four pillars.

The four pillars are telecom, internet, broadcasting and information technology.

Dr. Spio-Garbrah said that CTO is now molding the four pillars so that proper dissemination of information to people is in place.

He said that as part of the process, all human resources of telecommunications among Commonwealth member countries have come together to discuss and find possible ways for proper dissemination of information technology.

He said the CTO workshop will look at ways to improve information technology, which is a link for people internally and internationally.

Dr. Spio-Garbrah said improvement will help better link Commonwealth member countries from one country to another.

Also speaking at the press conference, the Chief Executive Officer for Solomon Telekom, Mr. Martyn Robinson, said that the Solomon Telekom has been a member with the CTO for almost ten years, and member of the PDT for the last two years as a prime source.

He said that he is happy being a member with the CTO organisation which has been so helpful to the country for the past few years.

Mr. Robinson also said that internet to mobiles service will be introduced to the Solomon Islands in the next six months.

"It will be more expensive than normal internet access and new to the country," he added.

Mr. Robinson said that the new technology will be introduced to the Solomon Islands with help from the CTO, "and we want to expand it to the provinces".

He said one problem in the provinces would be electricity.

"In the provinces, we make GSM as an option according to problem with the power," said the Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Robinson informed the press conference that more GSM will soon be introduced in the Western Province.