Villagers at Kaza village on Kolombangara Island in the Western Province say a killer crocodile has killed an adult male, who was initially reported missing by his family on Sunday.

The deceased was said to have gone diving on Sunday evening, but did not return, his family raised the alarm and villagers organized a search party.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Western Province, Chief Superintendent Mathias Lenialu confirmed that the community organized a search party about 11pm the same night.

“Around 2 am they saw a crocodile about two to three meters long still holding onto the body of the deceased,” PPC Lenialu said.

It is understood that the killer crocodile had been terrorizing the village for some time, killing and eating pigs and dogs in the area.

“Information gathered from the community says people sighted the crocodile last month. Just last week the crocodile came ashore at Kaza Village and ate a dog,” PPC Lenialu said.

Members of the communities are urged to report any sightings of crocodiles to their nearest police station or contact the National Response Department (NRD) on phone 23829.

With RSIPF Media