Poor sound quality at the first round of the Solo Idol show is a good mistake to learn on, states a representative of the organizing committee.

Speaking to Solomon Times, Charles Ratu said that reason to poor sound quality on the PA system was due to everything happening at one go and lack of good system available for hire.

"The system used on the first round of the Solo Idol was only part of the whole equipment because the other half were still at the show grounds," Mr. Ratu explained.

He said that if the trade show had not been so close to the first show, "everything would have gone smoothly in terms of sound system".

Solomon Times was informed that part of the system hired for the first show were still in use at the religion village at the show grounds.

"We are not blaming anyone here, it was just beyond us so we just had to accept it," Mr. Ratu said.

He added that he welcomed public criticism by those who had attended the first idol show.

"Thank you to the public for criticisms on the need for improved sound because if there were no critics, we would assume everything was going smoothly," Mr. Ratu said.

He said the organizing committee had to go for replacement on sound systems for the second round.

The Trade and Agricultural Show Committee could not be reached for their comments.