Prime Minister Derek Sikua has rejected as "unfair and misguided," recent criticism of the government relating to the foiled attempts by Chung Sol logging company to export tubi logs.

In a statement, the prime minister says logging and timber exports play an important part in Solomon Islands economy, and the Forestry and Customs officers play an important role in detecting any activity that may be in breach of the country's laws.

He says it was the hard work and vigilance of those officials that identified the recent proposed export of tubi; saying investigations into the matter remain in progress.

Dr Sikua says many investigations into alleged breaches of forestry and customs laws are complex and multi-faceted.

But Dr Sikua has given assurance the matter is being properly handled.

He says customs and forestry officials must be allowed to complete their investigations before making public statements about the outcome of the investigations.

Dr Sikua says any final decision in relation to possible legal action against the company is a matter for the Director of Public Prosecution to make.