The current flu outbreak has stretched not only medical personnel but also critical drug supplies for chronic illnesses such as asthma.

Asthmatic patients have had to resort to other remedial treatments because of a shortage in drugs used to treat the illness.

The Ministry of Health and Medical services say containers have now been cleared from Ports, part of its content is the drug Magnesium Sulphate, often used for severe asthmatic cases.

They say the drug is now with the National Medical store (NMS) and at the hospital pharmacy, with more supplies expected to be delivered this morning for distribution across NRH wards including the emergency department.

“The stocks of magnesium sulphate, including other related drugs, have been available at the emergency department (ED) however the flu outbreak had caused their rapid depletion. There has been a huge influx of asthmatic patients due to the flu outbreak,” the Health Ministry explained.

They say they are fully aware of the need to move these drugs to health facilities and are working tirelessly to ensure this is done as soon possible.

“We have reviewed and strengthened procurement processes for drugs and consumables as part of our overall efforts to prevent delays with the supply chain of these important medical products to the country,” the Health Ministry said.