Two young people have lost their lives in a fatal road accident opposite the ITA building at the Central Market area in Point Cruz around 7:30pm last night.

According to witnesses, the silver RAV-4 vehicle was traveling eastwards at high speed along the main road that had other vehicles moving to the side.

The driver, a 16 year old male, and a female passenger who was in front, also 16 years old, died from severe head and body injuries sustained during the accident.

Another two passengers in the back-seat, one said to be the driver's younger brother, survived the accident.

According to witnesses, the driver lost control of the speeding vehicle and crashed into barrier rails in the middle of the road.

Witnesses said the vehicle, after taking three rails down, flew up in the air and landed on the opposite lane.

The girl was said to have flown out of the RAV-4 and died on the spot.

According to the driver's young brother who survived the crash, his brother was having a conversation and looking back at them when they hit the rails.

Witnesses said that the two deceased may have survived if they had had their seat belts on.

The recent road accident brings the road death toll in Honiara to over ten victims this year.