A one month operation is ongoing in Honiara to crack down on unpaid business bills by public transport operators.

Honiara City Council's Law Enforcement Division in conjunction with the Kukum traffic police is currently responsible for the operation.

A road block is set up in front of the town council main road where many public transports were pulled up on the side for investigation. Honiara traffic is now experiencing heavier traffic jams especially when public transport owners with unpaid bills are trying to divert from the road check.

Speaking with Solomon Times, Honiara City Council's Law Enforcement officer, Mr. Paul Baekalia stated that the stage operation held public transports that have not paid their council business bills.

He mentioned that due to the lack of cooperation from public transport owners, the Road Block is "seen as an effective way" to crack down on this issue.

"The public do not often own up or even try to pay their bills until they are being forced, such as this organized operation," he explains.

Mr. Baekalia explains that the outstanding bills have gone for a year and now with the co-operation with the police, they were able to meet the needs of the operation, "it helps to get the public transport owners to pay their outstanding bills."

Mr. Baekalia hopes that with the operation going on for a month most vehicles would be able to pay up their business bills and take more responsibility next time.

Solomon times understand that the operation will end on the 26th of September.