The country has registered 78 new cases of COVID-19 over a 24 hour reporting period. No deaths were recorded over the same period.

38 of the new cases were recorded in Honiara, 26 in Malaita, and 14 in Makira. No updates were available for the other provinces.

The cumulative total COVID-19 positive cases for the country now stands at 5,891. Honiara being the epicenter of the outbreak continues to lead the count with 4,295.

The update was given by the Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr. Culwick Togamana during his daily COVID-19 situation update on the national broadcaster, SIBC.

The Health Minister also assures the public, particularly those in Honiara, that the National Referral Hospital (NRH) has made significant improvements since the outbreak with strict COVID-19 measures enforced.

He refutes media reports that the hospital is in chaos, and reports of lifeless bodies on the hospital floor because of lack of beds and clinical staff.

The Health Minister says newly recruited nurses are working under the supervision of senior nurses and doctors, greatly improving service to the sick at the NRH. Newly donated medical equipments and improved clinical management systems have also improved how patients are managed and discharged.

He says with these improvements it is important that those with COVID-19 symptoms to go to the NRH and get tested, and if necessary receive treatment.