The Solomon Islands has recorded an additional 77 positive COVID-19 cases over a 24-hour reporting period.

The cumulative total for the country now stands at 5,968 positive COVID-19 cases since the outbreak about a month ago.

The update was given by the Health Minister, Dr. Culwick Togamana, during his daily COVID-19 situation report on the national broadcaster, SIBC.

He says of the new 77 positive cases, 24 are in Honiara and 53 in the provinces.
Of the 53 cases recorded in the provinces, 30 are in Malaita, 3 in Choiseul, 9 in Guadalcanal, and 11 in Makira. No update was available for the other provinces.

He says now that cases in Honiara appear to be easing, the focus now is to mitigate the impact in terms of hospitalization. He says for the provinces, the strategy is to contain and manage the outbreak.