373 new positive cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the country over the past 72 hours reporting period.

The country has now recorded a cumulative total of 11,174 COVID-19 cases.

Health Minister, Dr. Culwick Togamana, gave the update during his COVID-19 situation report on the national broadcaster, SIBC.

He says of the 373 cases reported in the past 72 hours; 78 were reported in Honiara, 7 in Malaita, 1 in Central Province, 27 in West, 5 in Choiseul, 136 in Makira, 13 in Renbel, and 106 in Isabel.

He says another 23 cases reported from Isabel 4 days ago were included in the case count today for Isabel.

Temotu province remains COVID-19 free.

Out of the cumulative total of 11,174 COVID-19 positive cases, the following is a breakdown of the cases by provinces:

  • Honiara: 5,020
  • Malaita: 1,017
  • Guadalcanal: 530
  • Western: 1,785
  • Choiseul: 362
  • Isabel: 746
  • Central Islands: 599
  • Makira: 956
  • Renbel: 159

The Health Minister says that at National Referral Hospital (NRH) there are currently only 6 COVID-19 patients, representing 3 percent of total admissions.

He says one of the patients is considered to be in critical condition requiring oxygen and one case is severe. No deaths have been recorded at the hospital over the past 72 hours.

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