Health Minister Dr. Culwick Togamana says the country has registered 290 new cases of COVID-19.

This includes 12 new cases in Bellona, Rennell Bellona province, where community transmission is now confirmed, and further testing are being undertaken.

The update was from the Health Minister's daily COVID-19 situation report on the national broadcaster, SIBC.

Of the 290 cases, 183 are from the past 24 hours with 25 registered in Honiara, 27 in Malaita, 5 in Guadalcanal, 19 in Central, 37 in West, 8 in Choiseul, 50 in Makira, and 12 in Bellona.

Of the 290 cases, 107 are from samples collected previously and now included in today’s count. Of the 107 cases, 64 are in Isabel, 26 in Malaita, and 17 in Guadalcanal.

The Health Minister says that in Bellona, where new cases have been detected, the 12 positive cases are from 22 samples.

With a high percentage returning positive the Health Minister says community transmission is now present in Bellona. He says more testing will be conducted. 

The cumulative total positive COVID-19 cases in the country now stand at 7,258. Only Temotu province remains COVID-19 free to date.