The country has registered an additional 222 new positive COVID-19 cases over the past 48 hours. The cumulative total for the country now stands at 10,426.

Health Minister, Dr. Culwick Togamana, gave the update during his COVID-19 situation report on the national broadcaster, SIBC.

Of the 222 new positive cases, 36 was registered in Honiara, 10 in Malaita, 47 in West, 15 in Choiseul, 28 in Isabel, 76 in Makira/Ulawa, and 10 in Rennell/Bellona.

Central province had no cases registered over the past 48 hours, while Guadalcanal did not have reports available during the same reporting period. Temotu province remains COVID-19 free.

The Health Minister says it is of concern that people are now ignoring public health and safety measures such as wearing of masks and social distancing.

He says such measures are necessary to prevent further spread of the virus, or to limit infections should there be another outbreak from a separate COVID-19 variant.