Solomon Islands has recorded 1,300 new positive COVID-19 cases during the reporting period starting on 3rd May to 8th May 2022. The cumulative total for the country now stands at 18,174.

Health Minister Dr Culwick Togamana gave the update during his COVID-19 situation update on the national broadcaster SIBC. He says some of the results could be duplicates, and an updated figure will be given once verification is made.

Of the 1,300 positive cases recorded 333 are in Honiara, 450 in Malaita, 77 in Central, 173 in West, 80 in Guadalcanal, 6 in Rennell Bellona and 81 in Isabel.

The Health Minister says in terms of trends, Honiara is showing signs of decline while Malaita, Central and Western Province are registering upward trends.

He says for Honiara 18 patients have been admitted at the National Referral Hospital (NRH), representing 8% of total admissions. Of the 18 patients 3 are considered severe, 2 are critical requiring oxygen support and the rest are mild.

The Health Minister says despite signs of the second wave being past its peak in Honiara, health and safety measures should still be observed such as wearing of face masks in public places.