The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) says the latest COVID-19 test for all personnel of the Australia Defence Force and Police, Papua New Guinea (PNG) Defence Force and their officials have returned negative.

This latest test results are for day 6 of monitoring of these personnel and their operations outside of quarantine to maintain law and order in the capital, Honiara following last week’s unrest.

The Republic of Fiji Military Force contingent that arrived Tuesday last week have also tested negative for COVDID-19 as well on their first test, 48 hours after arrival.

The Ministry of Health says that should any person test positive, that person will be immediately isolated and quarantined and contact tracing will be done on every person the positive person had come into contact with, prior to testing positive.

The Ministry also clarified that the peacekeeping contingent are carrying out their duties in a “work bubble,” meaning they are only interacting with their counterparts and are not allowed to go and meet anyone who is not a part of their work bubble.

Safety measures such as the wearing of masks are also enforced for the contingent, with limited interaction with the public while on duty.

No visitors are allowed to visit any of the camps in which these defence and police personnel reside.

The Ministry is calling on the public to allow the peacekeeping contingent to do their job, and to only listen out for official updates from the Ministry and not through social media.