The Ministry of Health says that there still remains significant level of fear and anxiety around COVID-19 vaccines and this is normal.

However, the Ministry reminds the public that the devastation caused by COVID-19 will affect “our health and lives, families and communities and the country as a whole leading to deaths and disability and affect the economy in the short and long term.”

“There are living examples of those unvaccinated begging to be vaccinated on their death beds only to be told by health workers that it is already late.

“Two or three cases in our neighboring Fiji, involve pregnant mothers who died due to COVID-19. COVID-19 infection for pregnant women can adversely affect both the baby and the pregnant woman.

“Let us not be ignorant to many of these human stories of the impact of COVID-19 but take action now and get vaccinated while we still do not have any community transmission.

“There is simply no guarantee that COVID-19 will not enter in our country and community transmission of the virus prevented,” the Health Ministry said.

The Health Ministry says that our health systems will be overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases if there ever was community transmission. This will also affect other routine services like medical emergencies, deliveries and surgeries.

They say getting vaccinated is by far the most effective way to battle the spread and negative impacts of COVID-19. This is proven in countries that have high vaccination rates and those that do not.