Institutional Quarantine Facilities (IQF’s) and Isolation Units for Western and Choiseul Province has been identified, assessed, and awaits improvement works.

For Western Province, the IQF’s and isolation sites are designated on areas which are frequent contact points for incoming passenger planes and vessels from abroad.

Quarantine facilities for frontline workers are also identified for Gizo, Munda and Seghe for assessment.

Choiseul identified two centres for accommodating any suspected COVID-19 case or for contact tracing should any case arises.

Below are sites for both provinces, which the government, through its agencies like health, infrastructure and camp management of the National Disaster Operations Committee (N-DOC), are working on as part of its preparedness response plans.

Western Province

Quarantine Centre - Nusa Tupe Island Accommodation, Soltuna Girls Hostel

Isolation Unit - Gizo Hospital tuberculosis (TB) clinic, Noro Lodge

Choiseul Province

Quarantine Centre – Taro staff hostel, Sasamunga Community House

Isolation Unit – Taro Hospital Ward, PJ Twomey Memorial Hospital ward

These facilities await funding from the government through the Ministry of Infrastructure Development for refurbishment and repurposing for stand-by mode.

In the meantime, Provincial Emergency Operations Centre (PEOC) for each province continues to ensure all committee sectors of the Provincial Disaster Operations Committees (P-DOC) are ready in their response plan and development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).

Source: NDC media release