The National Referral Hospital (NRH) COVID-19 alert measures are still in place and remains active until further notice.

This statement is made in light of the current threat of the delta variant to the country.

“There is no room for complacency. All people visiting the hospital for referrals, acutely ill, and emergencies will be screened. The similar screening actions held during the lock down exercises will continue,” the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) said in a statement.

The MHMS reminds the public that depending on the severity of any given case, patients could be turned back and instructed to present themselves at their nearest Honiara City Council clinics. They could also be asked to proceed for COVID-19 screening at the white tents in front of NRH, with ongoing restrictions to the number of visitors and caregivers for those admitted for treatment.

NRH COVID-19 alert, involves strict monitoring of all entry points into the hospital. The public car parking area at the Eye Centre is closed off for the duration of the alert period with strict management of in and outflow of vehicles to and fro emergency to accommodate space for the two tents be set up there purposely for COVID-19 screening and triaging (determining priority patients).

All normal Outpatient Department Treatment (ODT) will be referred to Honiara clinics with referrals to the hospital to be managed mostly for only the very sick. All patients will undergo questioning as part of the screening and possible COVID-19 testing based on responses received, crowding at the mortuary is also prohibited.

Dr George Malefoasi, NRH Chief Executive Officer (CEO) explained that the undertaking is crucial for the hospital’s preparedness and actual response to a community transmission situation.

“Moreover, the COVID-19 alert is important to monitor our COVID-19 situation as it is also a means through which we can quickly pick up any COVID-19 case from the community”, explained the CEO.

He added that with COVID-19 we must not take any chances as the virus can find its way into the community undetected and the only means through which we can swiftly pick up any of these cases outside of quarantine and isolation wards is to conduct COVID-19 screening and if need be COVID-19 testing.

NRH kindly remind the public to adhere to the following, those only emergency cases is taken to NRH with all other non- emergency cases to Honiara City clinics to prevent any disappointment. All family members and friends of NRH Patients are kindly requested to limit visitation to the hospital and avoid crowding at the Morgue.

Ministry of Health apologize for any inconvenience this has caused but it is critical for the preservation of our health during this global pandemic.

Source: MHMS Media Release