A new member of parliament for the South Choiseul constituency is expected to be announced today.

On Wednesday 19 May 2021, electorates in South Choiseul constituency went to the polls to vote for a new member, following the ousting of their former MP, Robertson Qalokale in a high court petition.

SIBC’s Gina Maka’a reported from the provincial capital, Taro that counting for the last two remaining batches of the ballot boxes will start at 8am today.

Counting started yesterday, following the arrival of the ballot boxes to the provincial capital, Taro.

Six candidates contested the South Choiseul national by-election.

They were:

Jackson Kiloe - People First Party

Sammy Qalo - Independent

Luxton Bauro Koraua - Independent

Tozen Leokana - Independent

Naneeth Tutua - Independent

Amos Papaqui Qurusu - Independent

The South Choiseul Constituency recorded 6,575 voters in its 2020 voter list.

Meanwhile Ms. Maka’a also reported that counting for the provincial by-election in East Choiseul Kirugela Ward is now complete with the winner declared by the Election Manager/Returning Officer, Mr. Nelson Tanito.

“The Kirugela ward 16 now has a new Provincial Member elect, Mr. Moffat Kovo”, Maka’a reported.

Maka’a says Mr Kovo won by 247 votes.

His second opponent was Nelson Kolovatu Katokana with 120 votes, followed by Aldrian Gupu Sogati with 63 votes, John Sorio with 37 votes, John Ware Legeto with 34 votes and Abendigo Suazike with 19 votes.

“More than 400 people have registered to vote and I’m happy to say that 87 percent of registered voters have cast their votes at Kirugela ward.” Tanito told local media in Taro.

In conjunction with the South Choiseul by-election on 19 May was the by-election for Kirugela ward in East Choiseul constituency and Tikopia/Anuta ward in Temotu province.

Media coverage of the by-elections in Choiseul and Temotu are supported by UNDP through the Strengthening of the Electoral Cycle Solomon Islands Project, SECSIP coordinated by MASI.