Safe and democratic elections are crucial for the Solomon Islands, as they play a pivotal role in ensuring political stability, fostering development, and upholding the rights of its citizens.

As the Solomon Islands approach the eagerly anticipated National General Elections on April 17th, the political landscape is abuzz with activity.

Not only is tomorrow the last day for candidates to withdraw their nominations, but the atmosphere is further charged by the launch of political parties and the commencement of the campaign period.

Tomorrow will mark the final opportunity for those who wish to retract their nominations to do so. Simultaneously, the campaign period has officially begun, creating a wave of political rallies, public engagements, and promotional activities.

Key stakeholders actively engaged in raising awareness about safe elections, and community leaders, members, and partners are playing a crucial role in disseminating important information.

To facilitate a smooth elections, the electoral commission is recruiting temporary polling officials who will play a crucial role in assisting the Electoral Commission in executing and facilitating the electoral process across the nation.

Highlighting the comprehensive nature of preparations, it is noteworthy that key stakeholders essential to the electoral process have successfully completed and facilitated trainings on the elections and electoral processes.

The coming days will witness strategic maneuvering, enthusiastic campaigning, and an interplay of politics as the nation eagerly awaits the outcome of this democratic process.