Five Councilors of the Honiara City Council Executive have resigned from the Maeoli-led government.

Local media reports today that the five Councilors resigned because they were unhappy with a Council decision to award a 6 month grace period to Isaac Inoke of Rove Sea Front, instead of demolishing the property.

A demolition exercise on Mr Inoke's property was supposed to take place earlier this month.

The demolition was reportedly stopped by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs, Manasseh Maelanga.

City Mayor Israel Maeoli explains Inoke was given the grace period on conditions that he himself demolishes his temporary buildings within the six months.

Inoke is also required to submit a proper building plan to the Council and to stop operating any business activity on the site.

It is understood that the Councilors are planning to put a motion of no confidence on notice for the next sitting of the Council.