The Ghaubata paramount Chief, Mr. John Seketala has commended the Tandai house of chiefs.

Chief Seketala made this commendation following the installation of the new paramount chief for Tandai ward, Mr. Francis Perogolo.

Chief Seketala says the Ghaubata house of chiefs are happy for the Tandai House of Chiefs. He said it is good to see that they have restored powers to Chiefs as traditional leaders in the communities.

Chief Seketala says he believes this will help solve long outstanding issues in the communities.

He also says Honiara is located inside the Tandai area where there are many complicated issues yet to be solved, especially land issues.

"Tandai and Ghaubata are closely related according to tribal history. It is good to see the Tandai house of chiefs coming back together.

"We are willing to work in partnership with the Tandai house of Chiefs. We are also confused with many of the land issues happening inside Honiara”, Chief Seketala said.

He adds issues amongst tribal land owners were also difficult to solve since there are many people who claimed to be land owners.

"I believe this will not be an issue if we work together. Too many tribal land associations claim they are original land owners. This creates land disputes that hinder development."

Mr Seketala added the issues are not only concerning land.

He said the three legally established House of chiefs on Guadalcanal are Bahomea council, Tandai council and Ghaubata council, and this needs the understanding of others.

He said by creating such understanding in their community, they can address their traditional laws and cultures.

Tandai paramount Mr Francis Perogolo has presented a tsupu (traditional custom gifts) to the three councils of chiefs.

This is to symbolize their willingness to work in partnership with each other to solve any issues that will arise.

The inauguration of the Tandai house of chiefs was held at Tamboko village, North West Guadalcanal over the weekend.

It was witnessed by over hundreds of people.