Solomon Islands Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua says visit of the Cook Islands Prime Minister is a "significant one".

Dr. Sikua in welcoming Prime Minister Jim Marurai described the visit by a regional head of government to the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) headquarters in Honiara as "a historic one".

He highlighted that Mr. Marurai's visit makes it "the first Pacific Prime Minister to visit our shores this year".

"Your visit to the FFA headquarters is significant as it reflects the importance our region has for this very important institution," Prime Minister Sikua stated.

Dr. Sikua also conveyed his government's appreciation for Cook Islands assistance through the provision of the Cook Islands Police officers in RAMSI.

He said that the Cook Islands' officers with RAMSI have served the country with great dignity and pride which he salutes them for that.

Prime Minister Sikua conveyed gratitude to the government and people of Cook Islands for their valuable assistance and contributions.

Solomon Islands and the Cook Islands are active members of the Forum and other regional bodies.

"I am looking forward to working closely with you Honorable Prime Minister on issues that are of concern to our region," said Dr. Sikua.

The two head of governments are working in a new era within the regions and "I suppose we will continue to benefit from the opportunities available so as facing new challenges".

The honorable Prime Minister of Cook Islands in his short visit takes the opportunity to discuss some points and issues with Prime Minister Sikua.