Controversial church leader Michael Maeliau, who was expelled from the South Seas Evangelical Church last month, has requested the church to de-frock him from being a Reverend before a church congregation.

Maeliau told the media last week that he was ordained in public and the church must remove him the same way. The SSEC had earlier sent him eight fundamental points that led to their decision to expel him from the church.

"My whole life I prayed and when I looked at those eight points, there is no depth, there is no substance that deserves a theological debate and I just don't want to waste my time on it."

He said SSEC has expelled him from the church because of his teaching about the Glory of God and Holiness. "I want another theologian so we could talk sense. So that's why, how can I. I cannot even respond to the eight points as a theologian. And you ask me to recant? Must be a joke. So I refused to recant. I refused to sign."

Maeliau said in the past he had invited the leaders of SSEC to where he often preached the message but they never turned up.

He said SSEC leaders chose to listen to street talks and they judged him on that basis. Maeliau said he had refused to recant his teaching and refused to sign the SSEC Position Paper on his teachings saying there was no substance in it.