The public in Solomon Islands has been warned against all shipments of toothpaste coming in from China, following reports of tainted products in other countries.

An e-mail from a Gavin Unger in Australia to the Solomon Times News desk has stated that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US has cautioned consumers after the lethal chemical diethylene glycol was found in toothpastes sold in the Dominican Republic and Panama. Tests on the products taken from the shelves in Panama has shown that they contained high levels of diethylene glycol, used in engine coolants.

It is not yet known which brands of toothpaste from China the FDA were referring to but the e-mail suggested that precaution should be taken. "Australia is going to be doing its own sampling and testing of all shipments of toothpaste that come from China as well," the e-mail said. "These are all precautionary measures and we will be in contact with health officials in other countries to gauge the extent of the problem."