Three provinces and Honiara City are yet complete the feedback phase of the Constitutional Reform Programme.

They are: Guadalcanal, Central Islands, Rennell Bellona provinces.

A statement from the Constitutional Reform Unit says though plans were made early in the year to hold feedback meetings, certain factors delayed the progress for these provinces to carry out their respective meetings.

Bad weather during the early parts of the year and the lack of finance due to the government's current cash-flow problems delayed the programme.

Plans have been readjusted for upcoming events with the Provincial feedback phase pushed back to the end of July this year.

This was done with the anticipation that provinces that have been delayed will have time to do the feedback and submit their reports.

The Provincial Feedback is an activity of the Constitutional Reform Unit which involves Congress Provincial Nominees getting comments and views from people of their respective provinces on the first 2009 Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands.