The official closing of the Constitutional Review Congress took place last week with a function at the Honiara hotel.

Present at the closing were members of the congress, the secretariat and those in the eminent advisory group.

Speaking at the official closing the chairman of the congress, Sir Father John Ini Lapli, stated that it is really important for them to fulfill the task because it is for the benefit of the country.

"What we are doing is a process, a process of realizing that there is in fact a lot that this country can do for itself to take care for those in the future."

He also mentioned that he hopes that the end result would give leaders a chance to assess how the country is to be governed under the proposed system.

Also speaking at the closing ceremony a member of the eminent advisory group, Sir Moses Pitakaka said that he wants to thank the government for letting Solomon Islanders decide on the framework for the future constitutional arrangement for the country.

"On behalf of the group I want to thank the government for putting their trust and confidence in those that make up the congress, and also for putting top priority to this task," says Sir Pitakaka.