The long awaited Constituency Boundaries Commission report has been handed to the Minister for Home Affairs, Hon. James Tora, on Friday.

Commission Secretary, John Babalu, confirms that the report was handed to the Minister for Home Affairs who will present it to Cabinet before it goes to Parliament.

The Boundaries Commission has recommended a total of 17 additional constituencies in its report to be tabled in the March sitting of Parliament.

The Commission recommends four additional constituencies for Malaita province, whilst Guadalcanal and Western provinces each get three additional constituencies.

All the other provinces including Honiara will each get an additional constituency.

Mr Babalu says it is up to Parliament to approve the report and says that as per Parliamentary practice, "Parliament will not vary any of the recommendations that are contained in the report."

Mr Babalu says once the report is passed by Parliament, it has to be implemented in this year's national election.

He has defended the Commission's decision to recommend an additional constituency for Rennell-Bellona province despite the province not meeting the criteria on population.

Mr Babalu says the Commission based its decision on other criteria's which includes language and its relative isolation.