The Kolombangara Island Biodiversity Conservation Association, is rallying support from around Kolombangara Island in the Western province, campaigning to end all logging operations on the Island.

Coordinator of the Association, Ferguson Vagi says logging came to their shores since around 1968 when levers Solomons Limited logged their forest but no tangible development was seen on the Island.

He says that after more that forty years the so called development came to their island, destruction seem to be the end result.

Mr Vagi says that at the end of the day, landowners still lack the basic necessities in life.
He claim that a scientific survey conducted on logging proved that the removal of 60-percent loggable forest encourages canopy.

Mr Vagi says that his association is now convinced that conservation is important for the sake of future generations and he therefore calls on all landowners to stop logging on their land.

"There are no tangible things that the local people receive from the logging activities. That is why I call for al logging on Kolombangara should be stopped. If there are any person who is interest in logging, I encourage them not to go into logging any last intact forest on Kolombangra Island."

Mr Vagi says alternatives to logging include tapping funding from organisations who are serious in dealing with climate change issue.

He says the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation funding from industrialised countries to save developing countries forests is a alternative for landowners.

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