Solomon Islands local pressure group, the Malaita Ma'asina Forum (MMF) says the Parliamentary Entitlements Committee (PEC)is "lazy and politicised" and must be removed.

Forum President Charles Dausabea was responding to the Committee's rejection of a proposal to review PEC's membership and disagreements on recent increases to entitlements for Members of Parliament.

Dausabea said the MMF had raised its concerns on the matter but the Committee said it won't consider them because the Forum did not attach any economic report as supporting documents.

He said the Committee's response indicates laziness as these reports are readily available on the Central Bank website.

The Malaita Masina Forum President said his group had also written to the Public Accounts Committee and the Leadership Code Commission on other issues but did not receive any formal responses.

He said it was useless setting up such mechanisms if they are not serving the public.