A three months marine resource conservation trial at Hunda and Kena sea and mangrove swamps, on Kolombangara is yielding positive outcomes.

Radio Happy Lagoon reports that a number of fishing areas have been made tambu, or made out of bounds, for fishing. It says the hospital site at Lembu will remain as a breeding area and remain tambu forever.

It reports the community has agreed in principle, during a recent workshop at Hunda, to go ahead with the project and to set up a committee.

A local conservationist, Nuatali Veni of Hunda Village, is coordinating the project. She says a new non government organization, Live and Learn, is leading the community and has conducted a one-week educational workshop.

Ms Veni proudly told Radio Happy Lagoon that fish is now seen in great numbers at the protected areas.

Ms Veni says as a lead up to better the work of the conservation, the workshop has identified two local representatives who have left to attend a ten-day's workshop with the "Live and Learn" in Honiara.

Kolombangara now has Marine Protected areas in Nusa Tuva, Hunda, Kena, and Sausama area.