A workshop organised by the Commonwealth Telecommunication Organisation (CTO) is currently taking place in Honiara.

The Annual General Meeting, hosted by Our Telekom, is part of the Programme for Development and Training, PDT.

The 3 days workshop that kicks off this morning is a program which will be followed by a 2-days training for participants, and is a proceeding event for the 4th Annual General Meeting for the PDT Liaison Officers.

Based on the theme "Capacity Building and Performance Management in Convergence", the workshop is attended by 30 participants from all Commonwealth countries, which are some 15 different countries.

The coordination groups of the workshop are the CTO, PDT, Our Telekom, Cable and Wireless and the Solomon Islands National Provident Funds.

CTO is an international development partnership between Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth governments, business and civil society organisations and it supports internationally.

Chief Executive Officers of the CTO, United Nations, Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, said that the organisation is here in the country to help and assist Our Telekom in communication, internet and more.

"The CTO is an organisation to help and assist the weakest member of the Commonwealth family and on be half of the CTO, it is a privilege for us to have the responsibility to also help the Solomon Islands," said Dr. Spio-Garbrah.

He said that the Commonwealth countries should look at the issues to improve and develop in their own various countries.

"CTO is here more than just for the training," said Dr. Spio-Garbrah.

Also speaking at the official opening of the workshop was the Chairman of the Management Committee for the PDT, Mr. Shashi Puddoo, who stated that they are responsible for the development of the people.

"I hope that the subjects that we are going to cover in within the next two days will enlighten us and our expectations of all participations," said Mr. Puddoo.