The Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Ms. Patricia Scotland has acknowledged Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Rick Houenipwela and his Government’s policy shift to place more emphasis on youth development.

Ms Scotland made this acknowledgement after she was briefed by the Prime Minister on the Government’s new youth policy.

“My government has placed more emphasis on youth entrepreneurship and programs. We believe that if we educate and provide opportunities for our youths, then we are addressing 80% of our challenges,” he said.

Ms Scotland said the Secretariat will continue to support youth programs in the pacific islands and will provide education opportunities for countries like Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General also congratulated the Prime Minister and his Government for passing the Anti-Corruption Bill, Whistle-Blowers Bill and the recent passing of the Electoral Reform Bill.

Ms Scotland has also acknowledged the Prime Minister for his support towards the Commonwealth Blue Charter initiative.

“I also thank the Government of Solomon Islands for continuing the support to the Commonwealth Secretariat,” she said.

Prime Minister Houenipwela in response has also acknowledged the support by the Commonwealth to Solomon Islands over the years.


Source: PM Press Secretariat