The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) Senior Executive Management (SEM) held a meeting recently with the Premier and members of the Choiseul Provincial Government on the redevelopment of the current Taro Hospital in Choiseul.

The meeting was necessary to ensure both parties are well informed on the way forward and the necessary processes to be fulfilled in the remainder of this year and 2022.

At the meeting, Permanent Secretary Mrs Pauline McNeil highlighted that the Ministry remains committed towards the project with topography and UXO (Unexploded ordnance) assessment done and reports submitted in June this year.

“With this the immediate task for the ministry is to get the master plan and the design of the complex finalized by the end of this year and mobilization of funds for both the Master plan, design and the actual construction work”.

“There is significant cost to be incurred for the plan and design itself let alone the actual construction work. Therefore, the Ministry will be making assessment and mobilizing current available funds from donors and partners to foot these costs and any remaining funding gaps to be factored into the Health’s 2022 development budget proposal”, explained Mrs. McNeil.

Currently the hospital is providing outpatient services, which includes dental, pharmacy, medical lab, malaria microscope and eye unit, TB/leprosy and child health clinic. The main hospital wards, currently the major area of concern provides labour, male, female and children’s ward services as well as an operating theatre.

TB ward is also very old and the Ministry is working to replace it. With the redevelopment of the hospital, the quality of these services will be improved.
Nevertheless, the Ministry of health acknowledge the Choiseul province government for continuous support towards redevelopment of Taro hospital.

The provincial government has confirmed to ensure that all its nearby houses will be demolished to pave way and space for the construction work. Apart from this, they have also supported work on staff houses through the Provincial Government Strengthening Progamme (PSGP) and also built a new maternity ward with its water supply.

Premier of Choiseul Hon. Watson Qoloni and his delegation acknowledge health for its commitment towards Taro hospital as well as health services across Choiseul and assured of the provincial government’s support in all of the undertakings by the National Ministry of Health in the province.

In the long term the provincial government has indicated a 7 square hectare land within its proposed new township land space for health to erect its new hospital.

Source: MHMS Media